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 These are the rules

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PostSubject: These are the rules   Fri Jan 08, 2010 6:29 pm

I'm just going to list the rules... The order of the list of rules have no particular meaning.
(Because I'm new to this forum stuff the rules will be updated until the forum becomes consistent Razz)

The Rules
  1. No abusive content (Pornography in any way, Gore, etc.)
  2. No Spam (meaning no post of the same thing continuously)
  3. No Flaming (meaning no insulting another forum member)
  4. No Trolling (meaning posts, that are unrelated to the topic)
  5. Try be helpful to your fellow member
  6. If you disagree with someone try to discuss it in a friendly way.

More rules will be updated...

The Punishments
  1. Warnings
  2. Bans (one day)
  3. Bans (one week)
  4. Bans (month)
  5. Bans (forever)
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These are the rules
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