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 Spritesheet Rules

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PostSubject: Spritesheet Rules   Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:17 pm

The order of the list of rules have no particular meaning.
(Because I'm new to this forum stuff the rules will be updated until the forum becomes consistent)

The Rules
  1. No simple recolors
  2. No stealing from other Flash animators. No exceptions.
  3. All sprite sheets are allowed (No matter how crappy they may be, we like to help you in improving your skills)
    excluding 18+ content such as Pornography, Gore, etc.
  4. Please upload as .GIF, .PNG or .BMP. No crappy JPEG's.
  5. If you're using any of these sprites, please credit to the corresponding artist and the original company.
  6. If you're reviewing, be nice and constructive.

More rules will be updated...

All rules that are found in the News sticky apply on this section as well.

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Spritesheet Rules
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