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 XD Sprites First BandWagon

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PostSubject: XD Sprites First BandWagon   Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:10 pm

Well i can tell you to things...
1. I'm not a 100% sure that what I'm thinking of is called a "band wagon" but bare with me.
2. What I'm thinking of is a piece of art that is from people from the forum.

All you need to do is confirm you are participating and send me your sprite.
To confirm you are participating reply to this topic. Basically u could just say yes i would like to....

What you need to do
There are 2 parts to this band wagon

Basically you need to make characters and post them on this topic.
No Recolors
And no basic edits... (meaning putting a Sonic head on a Mario without even changing the style differences.) If your confused about what is good edit look at Marichu on the banner.
All the characters can be your own special chars. i e, my Devilman character.
The location is very flexible, i would like to use a custom bg one of the furom members made. But if we cant make a good one we can just use a rip...
If the art is good enough hopefully i can post it on deviant art XD.

List of Participants
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Kamikaze THC

Kamikaze THC

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PostSubject: Re: XD Sprites First BandWagon   Thu Feb 04, 2010 4:59 am

Hhhmmmm...........sounds like something Kamikaze would join. Eh, I'll wait until I have more poses.
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XD Sprites First BandWagon
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